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      12월 1일 3시 폴란드 vs 아르헨티나

      Public Policy

      Helping Australian Governments to achieve leadership in providing policy frameworks supportive of open standards and of the growth and success of the Australian open source industry.

      Ensuring Australia’s global standing as the preferred location from which to procure open source services & products.

      Membership Services

      There are a number of membership services that OSIA would like to provide. Among them are:

      • a membership referral system,
      • a teaching/help service,
      • a tendering/bid service, and
      • a recruitment service.
      As we don't have the resources to implement all of these services lets us know what is important to you.

      OSIA always needs volunteers! If you would like to volunteer to help in any of our current lobbying efforts, infrastructure efforts, or our community efforts ...